“Certainly in the present period in the US, Veterans Day would be a good time to HONOR THE REFUSENIKS WHO Would NOT SERVE IN AMERICA's IMPERIAL WARS."  - Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun Magazine  (Rabbi Michael Lerner was imprisoned during the U.S. War in Vietnam, for his opposition and solid activism and peace movement leadership, both on university campuses where he chaired S.D.S. at both the University of California at Berkeley and University of Washington, in Seattle, during that most unpopular war.  The notorious, vindictive head of the F.B.I in that era, J. Edgar Hoover, was vengeful and went after peace leaders, such as Rabbi Michael Lerner.  In later life, Rabbi Lerner grew to refer to his Badge of Courage, having stood for what was right, in the face of the vengeful, irrational power Hoover waged on good citizens. such as Rabbi Michael Lerner).

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OWHR Institute-Quebec Director, Isaac Romano shown in the photo below from a Stanstead Newspaper article (Stanstead, Quebec is in the Eastern Townships of Quebec), on his birthday, November 11th, while holding his symbolic birthday cake, with dove for peace (and see his birthday card, next to the cake), at the Lennoxville, Quebec Cenotaph location for this media news conference announcement of plans to hold a major international Conference, “Cultural Memory: the Role of Remembering and the Politics of Forgetting. Preparing our country and our world for healing and Remembrance.”

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Acknowledging the traditional peoples
and territories here in Quebec and Montreal

The traditional peoples of the Montreal area are les Haudenosaunee(Mohawk).

In Quebec, we also acknowledge the Inuit, les Abenakis, les Algonquins,

les Atikamekws, les Crees, les Malecites, les Mi’kmaqs, les Innus, les Naskapis,

les Wendats and Mohawks and the Metis (les Metisses).

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