October 26, 2015

Is Justin Trudeau ready to promote “Policies of Generosity”

Our new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau appears to be moving away from using military force to resolve our differences. OWHR Institute for War Resistance and Policy Alternatives encourages this war resistance application of policy by Trudeau.
October 22, 2015
Journal Metro Montreal

Peace Campaign for War Resisters

On this, the 50 years Anniversary of the US War in Vietnam, please have your members, friends, colleagues and family Like us at our Facebook page, and then go directly to our fundraising crowdsourcing page. Here you can watch our videos and contribute to what U.S. historian Howard Zinn would have called “a peoples history.”
October 12, 2015

Environmental & Social Responsibility Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Canada

A resolution to be brought to city councils, provincial regional district boards of supervisors or governing bodies, provincial parliaments, people in the house of commons, unions, professional organizations, civic organizations, political parties.