Preparing our Country and our World for Healing and “Remembrance”

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White Poppies

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-Article published on November 10th, 2015.

This November 11th, 2015 we call on military veterans groups in the US and Canada (and around the world) to turn away from participation and support for the “Military Industrial Complex" (term coined by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower in1960), and instead participate in a peoples movement to embrace the renaming of November 11th from “Veterans Day” holiday in the USA, to “Remembrance Day,” as was done in Canada.

And it is time for taking it a needed step further: To reshape Remembrance Day observances, allowing a new paradigm of reflection and emotional healing. Allowing whole nation’s peoples, both the soldier “warrior” and “civilian” to have “space in time set aside” and necessary therapeutic listening model’s available to all people everywhere, allowing emotional safety to heal from the national and international trauma that war has wrought on our world for eons and to this day.

In this way, instead of going directly to the “honoring-mode” of November 11th holiday that we see today, we actually, finally provide the needed “space in time” for deep reflection, and “fully emotionally heal from the unhealed internalized terror of war.” Allowing all of society to finally heal from the scourge of militarism and war. And use the skills that are now available by exceptional facilitators found in countries around the world, to find non-violent solutions to our differences.

For it has been, “old men dreaming up wars in which young men do the dying”,* and this must end. Then we will say, in a new lyric to the old peace song and anthem, “Ain’t Gonna Wage War No More.”

(*Quoted from the July, 2006 OWHR Peace Conference Keynote Speech by US Senator, U.N. leader and 1972 US Democratic Presidential Candidate, George McGovern at the OWHR Peace Conference event. McGovern’s full statement-quote was the following: “I’m sick and tired of old men dreaming up wars in which young men do the dying.”)

“I often thought, why am I so outside this holiday, which is on my birthday. The veteran, the soldier, the civilian are all enormously impacted by our wars. We must create a Remembrance Day that deepens our ability to work through the pain, deep grief, fear, rage and sorrow, as a world and a country that is at war or has been at war.”

Isaac Romano, Executive Director, OWHR Institute

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