Is Justin Trudeau ready to promote “Policies of Generosity”

“ Is Justin Trudeau ready to promote “Policies of Generosity,” as an antidote to the ever greater spiralling “reactivity” we see between nations in our world, …much of it due to the past 100 plus years of US, British, French Hegemony , by these Hegemons over the Middle East, for among other things, strategic power and domination over most of the world and of course for related control of oil)?


Our new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau appears to be moving away from using military force to resolve our differences. OWHR Institute for War Resistance and Policy Alternatives encourages this war resistance application of policy by Trudeau. OWHR Institute is at the forefront of understanding the utter barbarism and corruptive nature of using military force and war to resolve these matters, and we understand that only be applying Polices of Generosity, seeing each human as the embodiment of the sacred, and preparing policies such as the Network of Spiritual Progressives and the OWHR Institute’s support for a Global Marshall Plan, can the hegemons such as the US and countries that backed such use of power and domination (in their policies and strategies), such as Canada, find repentance, show apology and help lead the countries of our world away from the abyss of greater world conflict. Let’s encourage and push Justin Trudeau to do the right thing. Let’s support the activity of Canada’s New Democratic Party and Canada’s Green Party to promote such non-violent solutions to our world’s conflicts, and push the United Nations to take this moment to #ENDWAR.”

Acknowledging the traditional peoples and territories here in Quebec and Montreal

The traditional peoples of the Montreal area are les Haudenosaunee(Mohawk). In Quebec, we also acknowledge the Inuit, les Abenakis, les Algonquins, les Atikamekws, les Crees, les Malecites, les Mi’kmaqs, les Innus, les Naskapis, les Wendats and Mohawks and the Metis (les Metisses).

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