Our Way Home Institute Global Marshall Plan

Our Way Home Institute Global Marshall Plan

Prepared In cooperation with The Network of Spiritual Progressives as a major antidote to remedy the Great Disparity between and within nations in our world today.

Global Marshall Plan that includes participation in planning and fund-distribution decisions by the recipient countries’ most talented and ethically sensitive leaders.
2006 Our Way Home Peace Event brings OWHR Institute Quebec's Isaac Romano and Network of Spiritual Progressives international co-chair Rabbi Michael Lerner together. Rabbi Michael Lerner's 2006 outdoor plenary (photo above) sets the stage to prepare a OWHR Institute -Quebec Working Group to plan a "New Bottom Line" Foreign Policy paradigm for Canada, with the NSP's Global Marshall Plan as a project centerpiece.

Our Way Home Institute will engage the Global Marshall Plan prepared by the Network of Spiritual Progressives called together by a vision of healing and transforming our world. We include in this call both the outer transformation needed to achieve social justice, ecological sanity, and world peace, and the inner healing needed to foster loving relationships, a generous attitude toward the world and toward others unimpeded by the distortions of our egos. Our community and the movement we are preparing will encourage a habit of generosity and trust, and the ability to respond to the grandeur of creation with awe, wonder and radical amazement.

Furthermore we say, there is a strong set of needs that we call spiritual or meaning needs: people want their lives to have some higher meaning and purpose than simply accumulating money, power, sexual gratification and fame — they want their lives to be connected to something about which they can feel that it has transcendent value.

And they hunger for personal relationships, families and communities in which they can experience themselves as being cared for and recognized in all of their specificity and uniqueness and spiritual beauty — not only for what they can “deliver” or “do” for others, not for how they will be “of use,” but simply because they are valuable and deserving of love and caring just for who they are as embodiments of the sacred.

We will bring to fruition our embodiment of the sacred in each of us, while building loving bridges across the cultures and faiths found in our region.

Together…. Let us bring forward into every policy “spiritual principles and values of love, kindness, generosity, care. Let us see and treat each as sacred beings worthy of respect and dignity. Let us all respond to the universe with awe, wonder and radical amazement. Responding in this way, to the crisis in Gaza and other situations of conflict and oppression, we will be able to find a path to reconciliation, healing, peace and justice.

Acknowledging the traditional peoples and territories here in Quebec and Montreal

The traditional peoples of the Montreal area are les Haudenosaunee(Mohawk). In Quebec, we also acknowledge the Inuit, les Abenakis, les Algonquins, les Atikamekws, les Crees, les Malecites, les Mi’kmaqs, les Innus, les Naskapis, les Wendats and Mohawks and the Metis (les Metisses).

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