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Our Way Home Research (OWHR) Institute For War Resistance and Policy Alternatives challenges underlying assumptions found in many research models, due to the generations of militarism embedded in our cultures. Moving research to a paradigm-shift away from the “pseudo-neutral” view of warfare.

Thirty years ago, during the Vietnam War, 100,000 young men and women fled to Canada in the largest political exodus from the United States since the American Revolution. Now they’re coming again, related to the US Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now with ISIS in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa.

Due to the large numbers that came to Canada (during the Vietnam War) and their enormous contribution to Canadian life, this immigrant group of US war resisters is a “model to the world” of non-violence. The OWHR Institute for War Resistance and Policy Alternatives will illuminate its premise that military conflict at its root and practice is inherently barbaric and must be replaced in the 21st century by non-violent conflict resolution. That the resistance to war and the resisters to war are to be illuminated through the OWHR Institute’s research and presentation.