October 12, 2015

Environmental & Social Responsibility Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Canada

A resolution to be brought to city councils, provincial regional district boards of supervisors or governing bodies, provincial parliaments, people in the house of commons, unions, professional organizations, civic organizations, political parties.
October 6, 2015

Our Way Home Institute Global Marshall Plan

Prepared In cooperation with The Network of Spiritual Progressives as a major antidote to remedy the Great Disparity between and within nations in our world today.
January 19, 2016

OWHR Institute International Conference Research Papers and Presentations

October 9, 2015

OWHR Institute-Quebec’s International Staff Invites You To The 2019 “New Bottom Line” Conference

Together…. Let us bring forward into every policy “spiritual principles and values of love, kindness, generosity, care.” Let us see and treat each as sacred beings worthy of respect and dignity. Let us all respond to the universe with awe,wonder and radical amazement. Responding in this way, to the crisis in Gaza and other situations of conflict and oppression, we will be able to find a path to reconciliation, healing, peace and justice.